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Cumberland Denture Center has been serving the denture and dental needs of the people of Southeastern Kentucky since 1986.

Cumberland Denture Center, Inc. offers a full range of denture and dental services. Our professionals look forward to meeting your dental or denture needs.

Deluxe Denture:       $250.00 per denture       $500.00 per set
Custom Denture:      $350.00 per denture       $700.00 per set
Premium Denture:    $450.00 per denture       $900.00 per set
Porcelain Denture:   $650.00 per denture       $1300.00 per set
Immediate Denture:  $500.00 per denture      $1000.00 per set

Reline: $125.00 per denture
Temporary Partial:$400.00 per partial
Valplast Partial:$700.00 per partial
Cast Chrome Partial:$900.00 per partial
Repairs:$50.00 and up

*These prices are effective as of December 1, 2016.



  James E. Oaks DMD
  Paula Gill DMD 


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